Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority – Make a complaint about an agent

Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority – Make a complaint about an agent


If you decide to make a complaint to us about your registered migration agent, you will need to complete our online complaints form. You cannot save the form to complete it later, so you should make sure you have all the documents you need to support your complaint before you start filling out the online form. Write a summary of your complaint before starting your online form. You can then just upload it as a Word document, or copy your summary into a text field. Examples of information you should provide are:

Checklist – information needed to lodge your complaint
  • The agent’s name, address and Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN)
  • Agreement for Services and Fees (contract)
  • Receipts or proof of payment
  • Correspondence from the Department, such as a decision record or emails about your case
  • A copy of complaint letters or emails sent to your agent and their response
  • Letters or emails you have to support your complaint
  • A written summary of your complaint

Before we investigate your complaint, we must have your permission to tell your agent about your complaint and to provide your name and copies of all of documents you submitted to us as part of your complaint. You must give your permission in the online complaints form before you submit it to us.

If you are acting as the representative for a complainant, you will need to provide a signed declaration from the complainant authorising you to act on their behalf. You can download a complainant’s declaration from the OMARA website.
Complainants declaration – authorising representative (529KB PDF)

Be careful of unlawful operators pretending to be registered migration agents. Always check this website to make sure you are using a registered migration agent. It is important to note the OMARA can consider complaints about registered migration agents only. If you know of an unlawful operator providing immigration assistance, report them to the Department of Home Affairs using the Border Watch online report.
Border Watch online report

What happens after I make a complaint to the OMARA about my agent?

  1. We acknowledge your complaint by email once it is successfully submitted.
  2. When your complaint is allocated to a case officer, they may contact you for more information or start to investigate your complaint based on the information you have provided.
  3. We contact the agent to see how we can solve the complaint. How we do this depends on why you made the complaint and how serious it is. If your complaint is straightforward (for example, asking that documents be returned to you), we will telephone your agent and ask for a response. If your complaint is more serious (for example, concerns about your agent’s conduct), we will contact the agent in writing and ask for a response.
  4. The officer assigned to your case then decides if the Code of Conduct has been breached by your agent and, if so, what action is needed.

Resolving disputes with your agent

Average Processing Times

Many complaints are complex and take considerable time to investigate and finalise.

The majority of complaints are finalised within six to 12 months.

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