The Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program provides a route to Canadian immigration for individuals and families who want to start, purchase, or partner in a business in Saskatchewan. If you are enthusiastic about business opportunities in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program could be the right fit for you.

Through the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program, a candidate can obtain a Temporary Work Permit in order to establish or purchase a business in Saskatchewan, and settle there. Once the business has been running successfully for six months, the candidate may then apply for provincial nomination and subsequently for Canadian permanent resident status.

The Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program involves a four-step process:

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the SINP and enter the candidate pool.Receive an Invitation to submit an application during a Selection.Establish and operate a business in Saskatchewan.Get provincial nomination.

During periodic draws, known as EOI Selections, the Saskatchewan immigration authorities invite top-ranking candidates from the EOI pool.

How does it work?

The Saskatchewan EOI system for Entrepreneur candidates operates in a similar way to the system for International Skilled Worker (ISW) candidates. If you are interested in applying, you need to create a profile in the SINP’s online OASIS system and submit an EOI.

Candidates who meet the minimum criteria (see below) may enter the pool, where they then receive a score and are ranked accordingly. This is not an application to the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program – rather, it indicates your interest to the SINP.

Unlike the ISW criteria, there is no minimum score requirement for Entrepreneur candidates in order to enter the EOI pool. The EOI score is a major factor in selecting candidates for invitation, though Saskatchewan also considers “other factors for business and settlement success.” Another crucial difference from the ISW process is that candidates may not update their EOIs once submitted (the SINP clarifies that points for age are based on the candidate’s age on the date of submission).

Minimum criteria for entering the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program EOI candidate pool

Potential candidates must:

Have a minimum of $500,000 CAD in net business and personal assets;

Demonstrate at least three years’ experience in the last ten years of relevant business management or entrepreneurial experience; and

Intend to invest at least $300,000 CAD in Regina or Saskatoon,

or at least $200,000 CAD in another Saskatchewan community.Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program Points Grid

1. Human Capital

Total possible points for section 1: 75

*Note that while a language test is not a compulsory requirement of the program, it is recommended you take one if you are interested in applying, even (or particularly) if English or French is your first language – with up to 15 points available for language ability, it is a relatively simple way to improve your chances of receiving an invitation to apply.

2. Business experience

3. Business Establishment Plan

What next?

During periodic draws from the candidate pool, known as EOI Selections, the SINP will issue invitations to top-ranking candidates, who may then submit a full application to the program. The submission process involves several steps with strict time limits, so it is crucial to be prepared and focused during your application.

Candidates have 20 calendar days from receiving the invitation to pay a non-refundable processing fee of $2,500 CAD, and identify a recognized third-party financial review service for their online application.

The complete electronic application, including supporting documents and the Business Establishment Plan, must be submitted within 90 calendar days of receiving the invitation. The BEP reinforces the information supplied in the EOI, and must include:

Details of how the candidate will establish a business, in line with the points assigned in the points grid if applicable (for investment amount and sector);

Proof of ownership of at least one third (33.3 percent) of the equity of a business in Saskatchewan, unless the total investment amount is $1 million or higher;

The commitment to actively participate in and manage daily operations and direction of the business; and,

If establishing a new business in Regina or Saskatoon, plans for the creation of two employment opportunities in Saskatchewan for Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are not related to the candidate.

Candidates have 180 calendar days from receiving the invitation to submit the third party verification report.

The assessment process includes an interview in person or online via video conference.

Successful applicants will receive a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) which they must review and sign. This is a legal agreement with the government of Saskatchewan outlining the business sector, investment, and any other relevant information, and it is based on the information submitted in the BEP. It must be signed and submitted to the SINP within 30 days of receipt.

Once an applicant receives a SINP Entrepreneur Approval Letter, he or she is required to apply for a Temporary Work Permit (TWP). With the TWP, the applicant can arrive in Saskatchewan and establish or purchase the proposed business. The applicant also needs to attend an arrival meeting in Saskatchewan within 18 months of receiving the SINP Entrepreneur Approval Letter, or the application will be closed.

After six months of operating the business and complying with the BPA, he or she can then apply for provincial nomination. The applicant must maintain legal status in Canada during this time – the SINP recommends applicants have at least six months remaining on their TWP when they apply for nomination. Once nomination is granted, the applicant can then apply to the federal government for Canadian permanent resident status.

PNP Live Tracker

The Entrepreneur category could undergo further changes in the coming months, and further Selections could be announced.

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