Interview with UNC Customer who gets Successful Canadian Work Permit Visa 2019

Interview with UNC Customer who gets Successful Canadian Work Permit Visa 2019


UNC Vietnam would like to congratulate to Mr. Doan Quang Huy, a customer of UNC as well as more than 9 customers, in the early June 2019 received the successful VISA achievement from Canadian Government as expected according to THE CANADIAN WORK PERMIT PROGRAM.




UNC: Hello, Sir. Could you please introduce a little about yourself and the reasons why you chose UNC IMMIGRATION PROGRAM: CANADIAN WORK PERMIT VISA in order to work in Canada?

  • UNC’s customer: My name is Doan Quang Huy, I’m 38 this year, my current job is in Logistic industry. I have acknowledged about UNC Vietnam brandname after researching the information UNC on Internet. After that, I decided to come directly to UNC Vietnam office for learning and listening to the consultation about CANADIAN WORK PERMIT VISA in Canada. After receiving the appropriate consultation and explanations from UNC Vietnam team, I have a strong belief in UNC company’s service in the immigration industry, so I decided to sign SERVICE CONTRACT with UNC as a professional firm to provide the consultancy and guidance on submitting an application for work permit immigration Program in Canada.

UNC: Why you choose THE CANADIAN WORK PERMIT PROGRAM (WP) instead of different immigration programs?

  • UNC’s customer: The truth is when I came to UNC Vietnam office, the counselor advised me some immigration programs such as: AIPP, WP. I considered my personal situation, after thinking carefully, I understand that the WP program is suitable for my financial conditions and background.


UNC: During the document and legal process of your CANADIAN WORK PERMIT record, do you have any difficulties? Could you please share with us regard to your personal views?

  • UNC’s customer: First of all, the duration of the program is quite long, the counselor said that it took a year or more. That made me feel quite nervous and have some impacts into my true feelings … To be honest, sometimes it made me feel confused, stressful, in addition to external effects from family and society comments. However, I always trust and follow to the instructions, provide legal documents under the advice of immigration lawyers / consulting experts in abroad and UNC Vietnam team in accordance with selection criteria as Canadian Government’s requirements for Canadian work permit applications.


Further, according to the opinion of Mr. Doan Quang Huy (one of UNC’s clients received the successful approval of CANADIAN WORK PERMIT IMMIGRATION PROGRAM in June 2019) shared his points of view, and his own assessment FOR UNFAIR COMPETITION, BUSINESS VANDALISM AND SPREADING RUMORS ON SOCIAL NETWORKS REGRAD TO UNIVERSAL NETWORK CONNECTION (abbreviated “UNC”) for the past time:


In fact, at first I received information on the Internet, from a Group of Facebook social networks. I also think a lot when have been received those information, how I can check the reliability of Facebook information? Also try to find out WHAT IS THE PURPOSE of the person who intended to give the unclear information to Facebook regard to UNIVERSAL NETWORK CONNECTION (abbreviated “UNC”).  As my personal view, I can’t identify that information was right or wrong immediately.

Therefore, right after saw that information on Facebook, I contacted to UNC Vietnam team right away, because I want UNC company to verify and explain to me about UNC’s true situation if comparing to Wrong information for unfair competition acts, undermining and spreading false rumors on social networks which related to UNC brandname. So I can have my own evaluation, recognize what is the truth.

Accordance with my opinions, there must be verification from many aspects for an information, to assess the reliability, the authenticity of the information is real or fake or it’s just a rumor with purpose of the person who intended to update that information and wanted to give the wrong picture to everyone on social networks, further, wished all people that could evaluate and recognize the brandname of UNC company in wrong way.

Besides, I have a dream to live and work in foreign country for over 7 years, therefore I am always persevered with my stable choice. I shared with UNC Vietnam team about my immigration history record that I failed Visa application so that I can get the advice in the beginning what I should do for my Canadian application, UNC Vietnam team tried their best to help me to complete carefully and meticulously all the required documents according to the requirement of Canada government. As a great result, I finally can obtain CANADIAN WORK PERMIT VISA in my hand. I want to share my experience to everyone that when you have a dream, you should follow that dream, even though your dream will be difficult and time-consuming, sometimes depressing your mood. I know that there are many people having the same dream with me, but they still cannot find a good organization to put their trust in. For me, I’ve actually considered many immigration companies before, but finally selected UNC Company to proceed my value investment. And I also would like to thank UNC, I’ve put my faith in the right place and it has assisted me to fulfill my goal.

And I also want others to have such dreams that must not hesitate to live with your dreams with the whole heart. Besides, you should try to find a trustworthy company to share your concerns and proceed your case in a professional way; it will help you to achieve your dream and save your time in the future. I think If you need A PERSONALISED SOLUTION and are still confused what is THE BEST PATHWAY FOR YOU, UNIVERSAL NETWORK CONNECTION (UNC) is a choice for Your consideration. Because I was a pioneer and I successfully did it, you can totally believe that UNC Group will make your dream come true.


Through UNC customer’s sharing opinions above, UNIVERSAL NETWORK CONNECTION Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “UNC”) would like to give sincere thanks to customer: Mr.Doan Quang Huy for being patient with UNC to proceed step by step from the first stage to the last stage during the process immigration document, at the same time, was unaffected by fake rumors on social media deliberately disrupting business, and made the customer confused about the reputation and image of Universal Network Connection (UNC).

In the storm of the demand for owning this Visa card is increasing, careful choice for place with a prestigious, experienced staffs and its headquarter located in the countries where customers arrive, not only supports customers in the homeland but is a long-term companion with customer after immigrating to other countries to live and work, UNIVERSAL NETWORK CONNECTION (UNC) GROUP is completely proud to work with customers in the near future, when customers come to live and work in Canada.

The successful approval of CANADIAN WORK PERMIT VISA for UNC customers in June, 2019 that are the joys, pride, and present customers’patience with UNC from the first step to the last step of CANADIAN WORK PERMIT VISA JOURNEY.

Once again, UNC Group would like to congratulate and thank you for your trust and confidence in UNC service to COMPLETE, MANAGE and CONSULT YOUR RECORD TO APPLY FOR CANADIAN WORK PERMIT VISA through years.

If you need A PERSONALIZED SOLUTION and are still confused what is THE BEST PATHWAY FOR YOU, UNIVERSAL NETWORK CONNECTION (UNC) is a choice for Your consideration. UNC Group will make your dream come true.


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