189-190 Program

Visa 189 – Australia Skilled Independent Immigration Is Permanent

Visa for high skilled employees desire to move to Australia for living and working based on Points test. This visa 189 will not be guaranteed by Australia business, family members or State / Territory Government assignment.


  • Allow to submit document through invitation.
  • Verify your job in the prior list of Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skilled (MLTSSL).
  • Have suitable job expertise for proposal position.
  • Age: Under 50.
  • Have a minimum assignment score (60 points at present, except some job sectors require high skill: (Information Technology IT, Accounting….) according to Points test.
  • Have good English skill (minimum IELTS 6.0).
  • Especially, candidate’s family can follow.


This permanent visa is for employee desire to move to Australia to live and work according to Immigration points points test and specified by an Australia state/area government authority guarantee.


Guaranteed by government authority in stateGuaranteed by government authority in state

– Verify that your jobs listed prior jobs in MTLSSL and STOL.

– Verify that job position in guarantee published by Australia state authority

– Age : Under 50

– Fluent English ( minimum IELTS 6.0)

– Get at least 60 points according to Points Test.

– Especially, family members can apply for immigration.

Benefits when you choose 189-190 program

“Become a permanent resident in Australia. Can sponsor your family immigrate to Australia. Allow to apply for citizenship”.

You and your family will have these benefits when you choose 189-190 program:

“Become a permanent resident in Australia.

Can sponsor your family immigrate to Australia.

Allow to apply for citizenship”.

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You and your family will get many benefits when you choose this program:

  • Settle life in Australia with your family.
  • Achieve the benefits like Australia citizen.
  • Apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Bonus gift: free health check + new year calendar.


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