188 Program

What is the Investment immigration – Visa 188 (4 year 3 month Temporary visa)?

Australia Immigration according to Visa 188 – Investment and Refresh business forward to business man and investors desire to run business or invest to state bond in Australia.


  • The applicant along with legal family member (husband/wife and dependent children) will be granted temporary visa (Visa 188 – Provisional visa) period 4 years 3 months, after that the applicant can continue to apply for permanent residence visa (Visa 888 – Permanent Residence).
  • Time to solve document is fast.
  • Achieved benefits in education, health care and social security in Australia.
  • Get support from the immigration experts from Australia and Canada.
  • 100% free school fee from primary to high school.
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“Suitable for candidates have business experience and owning new or existing enterprise commitment, which operating in Australia at least 2 years and meet the Visa-888 requirement to become a permanent residence”.

    • The applicant is under 50 years old.
    • Document point is at least 65 based on Points Test.
    • Send expression of interest letter and receive the Visa submit invitation.
    • English IELTS at least 5.0 or charge fee for 2nd
    • Running own business and at least 2 years operation.
    • Total assets (businesses and individuals) minimum 800.000 AUD (included husband/wife).
    • Revenue and shares:

    + Revenue: minimum 500.000 AUD per 2 years in financial period 4 years in advance submitting Visa.

    + Shares:

    • 51% if only whole revenue less than 400.000 AUD per year.
    • 30% if only whole revenue equal or more than 400.000 AUD per year.
    • 10% if only company is publicly listed.


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Why you should choose Australia immigration program – VISA 188?

Why you should choose Australia immigration program – VISA 188?

  • You and your family will be granted 4 year 3 month temporary visa.
  • Time to solve document is fast.
  • Your family will be achieved most of benefits as an Australia citizen.
  • Bonus gift: Free health check + New year calendar.



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