Choose Partner for your whole life … every single of us has our own personal criteria to consider and decide, sometimes we tell half truth half joke stories…

… Everything is depended on the predestination …

… when I choose You or when You choose me …

… when We decide to choose each other …

… Your decision is depended on many things: family condition, the sharing between members of family as well as the support for career and the math for our life… from the Conditions to the Perfect Instinct and the Adaptive Instinct that attached, it also have the connection to the Ideology of our children in future … and when we sit and discuss together …

”My Darling, which Ideological Goals should we choose for our children development?”

As the same way as choosing husband/wife … before you choose another country to live to change your Ideological Goals, but we can’t forget our origin, we also have to research history, people and customs of the foreign country where we desire to live, please kindly refer to the previous updated information at  UNC website to have better understanding about the characteristics of each country that we intend to choose as a stopover.


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Australia and Canada, both are great countries in order to immigrate to, to live and settle. Here are some comparisons from a separate perspective on aggregated information from multiple sources:

About education, the health system, working environment and culture, Australia and Canada have many similarities, as well as every country has its advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on interests and views of each person, you will know exactly where you go.

There are some points of view that: Based on their research point of view, They choose Australia because Australia has higher salaries, more food choices, supermarket systems, cheaper prices, better weather, flights Inland cheap, there are many beautiful beaches, cheaper electric packages and some free TV channels, as well as culture has many similarities with the customs of Asia. On the other hand, they also considered Canada because the policy at Canada was expanding, conditions for naturalization were faster, less racist, similar to the development of the United States and Europe, lower rental prices.

In Canada, the weather in Alberta, where the winter lasts about 6 months per year and quite always below 0 degrees. Some people like it – they like cold weather, they play winter sports or just like the peace and beauty of snow. Others hate the cold and long dark hours (though dark winters are balanced in the summer with great long days). Vancouver rains a lot in the winter. Winter near Toronto is snowy but shorter and more humid. Summer in Alberta is rarely hotter by about 30 degrees and even lasts only about a week, while in Toronto, it can push up to 40 degrees and is quite wet. In Canada, the costs of living in Vancouver and Toronto are very expensive, but the rest is better. Canada has more influence from the United States.

In Australia, it is usually warmer, but in the north there will be constant warm temperatures (about 30 -35 degrees) and high humidity in all months, while in the south there will be a clear season and winter temperatures almost 0 degrees. Sydney often has more rain than London. Australia has many smaller businesses than Canada, quite amazing and often makes some communities vibrant. Sydney and Melbourne are very expensive but other regions have relatively lower prices. Like in Canada, there are some high-paying jobs in the natural resources industry. Australia has strong Asian influence, especially in big cities.

There are some cultural differences, in general, Canadians are pretty friendly, nice, and easy to get to know. Canadians have a lot of self-deprecation, irony, and sarcasm in our humour, as well as just flat-out silliness, sometimes called frankness. Australians are also friendly, but their humor is more impolite, and they like to tease each other, diversify their culture of drinking, and sometimes their frankness is a little bit less polite and annoying.

About working aspect, there are some opinions that when they learn about the United States, the easy-to-make job is information technology, changing the US law policy for international students quite usual, as well as Citizenship and green cards depend a lot on personal records, racism because of second-class citizens one of the factors that makes them more self-contained in the United States. Canada is a very large country and most of the major cities are very close to the US border, there are also large IT companies associated with the United States, the automotive industry, large refineries and industries. Finance and many other areas, due to their expansion policy, their Green card acceptance and citizenship become more reality and less obstacles.

Canadians are nice and friendly, so foreigner can erase the feeling of inferiority when they become second-class citizens when foreigner immigrates, Canada’s public health system has better support program for low-income subjects, regardless of rich and poor. However, winter is also one of the important factors, if you are not a fan of coldness, then Canada may not be suitable for you.

Therefore, depending on which country we should choose for the career path and planning everything to make our life simpler and happier. Everything at the beginning has difficulties, horror experience is a natural element that would occur when we start to re-build from a zero and feel like a kid at 3 years old.

If you want to change YOUR CHILD’S IDEOLOGY with the North American cultural experience and at the same time you want to understand more about the fate of European-American culture, Canada with many similarities of Europe countries that will be a suitable choice. If you want to change YOUR CHILD’S IDEOLOGY with the western and near-eastern experience, where the Asian culture is strong and influential, then Australia will be a suitable choice.

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(Aggregated information from multiple sources by UNC)

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